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Democratic Senator says he would be fine with Hunter Biden testifying

Democratic Senator says he would be fine with Hunter Biden testifying

Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown says he would be okay if Hunter Biden was called during the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump. President Trump and Republicans in the house of representatives have criticized Congressional Democrats for not calling Hunter Biden to testify.

Darth Vader
Darth Vader
porcus 6 months

Of course it's fine for Hunter to testify. It's a Shampeachment trial after all.

Fin 6 months

It's a wise strategy because it opens door to calling lev parnas..

Manuel 6 months

Can we deal with Biden AND Trump at the same time? If Trump's issue with Biden is Nepotism then why the hell is he not up in arms about the son of his personal lawyer and his own fucking kids!? Projection is real. Get them all indicted at the same time.

J. C.
J. C. 6 months

I've always had a softer spot for Sherrod.

Michael Hedderson
Michael Hedderson 6 months

Dems know they gotta call the GOP's bluff over the Bidens testifying. If only because they know that they'll only change the goalposts yet again after that. ANYTHING rather than let Bolton/Parnas/Mulvaney actually take the stand.

Randy 6 months

as it should be...

Fin 6 months

Lev has a few smoking bazooka... He was Rudy's Russian Translator... Has intimate knowledge of who was paying Rudy's bill n who Rudy was reporting progress to...

anthony 6 months

No restrictions on information. Let anyone who has knowledge or information about what went down answer questions and talk. Even though the both parties have made their minds up there are still many people who haven't. This is for them too.

Carol 6 months

Nonsense! What does he have to do with any of Trump's criminal nonsense? Are you really willing to go along with this "fake" cause for this administration's criminal intentions?

IvoryDove 6 months

Let's start with "Would you please provide all emails, transcripts of conversations and a list of people you met with to discuss your appointment to the BOD for Burisma?"

Joo Radley
Joo Radley 6 months

lev parnas is a trap--dems risk pigeon-holing themselves into making their case on a witness with no credibility--the man is bent over a barrel making plea deals

.Tet. 6 months

I'm fine with the impeachment trial, because I want the Dems to try and nut up and bring every person they can forward to testify. Then watch everything crumble around them. I mean c'mon. Trump got Weinstein's lawyer. His lawyer was able to get Weinstein off even though he definitely did a lot, if not all of his pedo stuff. Now what happens if you have (probably) the best lawyer in the world, defending the man they couldn't even pin a crime on? It's gonna be so fun to watch.

Renee 6 months

GOP has become the master of deception. what could buy them possibly have to do with this? excluding the false accusations from trump

James 6 months

Yep, as Hunter has lots of knowledge over what Trump and his cronies were doing before and after the infamous ‘perfect call’? Don’t get me wrong. If the Biden’s have done something wrong it should be investigated. But Trumps impeachment is about his abuse of power and obstruction. To this Hunter cannot testify. Even if Hunter did something wrong, it doesn’t make the way Trump handled this fiasco ok. Calling Hunter is purely a distraction.

Jon 6 months

You know what I do hope they have Hunter testify and put to bed all this BS distraction they are pushing. Honestly what are they going to get out of Hunter? Yeah my rich daddy got me a job I wasnt qualified for. Boohoo welcome to nepotism. Trump is doing right now with his kids.

michael 6 months

considering that Hunter was hired for his legal expertise after Joe pushed out the corrupt prosecuter that had refused to investigate burisma, I don't see any problem with him testifying. he's already been cleared of wrongdoing, so it will just show that trump had no reason to attack in the first place. especially because Bernie is the correct person for the job.

Up 6 months

I hope this guy doesn't Epstein himself.

Marcus Rogers
Marcus Rogers 6 months

Then lets bring the little embezzling, meth head, sister in law and hooker fucker down then....

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