Nashville folk singer David Olney dies after collapsing onstage

Nashville folk singer David Olney dies after collapsing onstage

Singer-songwriter David Olney died at 71 Saturday night after he suffered a heart attack while onstage performing at a music festival in Florida. Musicians who were performing with Olney, have said the songwriter apologized to the crowd before closing his eyes. A native of Rhode Island, Olney was part of the music scene in Nashville, Tennessee, for decades and had recorded more than 20 albums.

Avi Khait
Avi Khait 4 months

It probably looked awful, but IMO the best way to go is while actively doing what you love.

Fin 4 months

If he had to go sadly... He went doing what he loved.. Life is strange n death is sneaky

B. K.
B. K. 4 months

That is an awesome way to go, doing what he lived doing. We should all be so lucky, but unfortunately that's it only plays out that way for very few. Slow deaths of organ failure and frailty are the ways we die normally now a days. This reminded me of a great Ted Talk on Dying. There are really only 4 ways we die. 6:40 in the video shows a good graph comparison, and he quickly talks about that aspect. If you are ever feeling too happy, watch all of this, or on a darker note how technology has changed the experience of death. One of the more recognizable Tunes he wrote is the EmmyLou Harris tune: Deeper Well Keep on Pickin' David, you won the lottery on goodbyes.

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