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Third person dies in China virus outbreak as 139 new cases are confirmed

Third person dies in China virus outbreak as 139 new cases are confirmed

A third person has died in a virus outbreak in China as 139 new cases of the illness were found over the weekend. New cases have been reported in Beijing and Shenzhen. They mark the first cases in China beyond Wuhan where the virus first emerged. 136 new cases of pneumonia caused by the coronavirus strain had been found in the city over the weekend, adding to 62 already known cases.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 7 months

And still with the most populous city in the world Mexico has never had this problem. In fact, not one country in all of Latin America has had this problem. Japan, no. Korea, no. Africa, well Ebola. But the Chinese Communist Party seems to make this a regular event for the poor Chinese people. Maybe it is time to abandon bad Westetn ideas such as communism and go back to being a Constitutional Republic. Fewer Chinese people die when there is no Chinese communist party.

Avi Khait
Avi Khait 7 months

Good news: They still haven't confirmed that it's contagious human-to-human. But... Viruses are known to exchange genetic material and evolve fast, so it's a race against the clock.

carter 7 months

Wouldn’t that suck if it came to America? There are so many people who have lost there health insurance this year. A lot of people could be at risk. Hey if only we had some plan the gives healthcare to everyone and costs less than our current plan over a ten year span, shucks.

Ironborn Pyke
Ironborn Pyke 7 months

confirmed in S Korea as if today

..... 7 months

The source is the ultra antibiotics they use in livestock.

Whicker 7 months

Burn china save the world

Fin 7 months

Find the source

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