Human-to-human transmission of new virus confirmed by China

Human-to-human transmission of new virus confirmed by China

The National Health Commission of China confirmed on Monday that some medical staff has been infected by coronavirus, possibly due to human-to-human contact. Two cases of infection due to human-to-human transmission have been confirmed in the country. The coronavirus epidemic has led to the outbreak of pneumonia in China.

Avi Khait
Avi Khait 2 months

Well, as long as they're not covering it up. It's better to know what are we facing.

Lord Baktor
Lord Baktor 2 months

If they openly admit this, one wonders what else they are hiding.

James Villalobos
James Villalobos 2 months

I think that's what we all expected given the number of infected. Clank clank.

Rhokanth 2 months

Oh man 2 cases in a country with a 1.4 billion population, sound the alarms.

John Wilson
John Wilson 2 months

supposedly the control everything because they are communist. but they can't control travel? the could hold people in quarantine for a few days, and restrict travel. you can spread virus and it's ok, but make fun of the leader they clamp down. maybe they can't stop it but ultimately a serious attempt early on, would at least make me think we should take the authorities seriously.

Fin 1 months

It's in infect shrimp n fish missed n enroute to market then same consumed.. Find the fricking source

Astropathic Choir
Astropathic Choir 1 months

The Grandfather's generosity knows no bounds! Rejoice! His love is infectious🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠

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