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UK to introduce tougher jail terms for convicted terrorists after London attack

UK to introduce tougher jail terms for convicted terrorists after London attack

The UK government has said that they will introduce tougher jail sentences for convicted terrorists and will end their early release. A tougher response to terrorism was one of the promises of the Conservative party’s poll manifesto, particularly in the wake of the London Bridge attack where a convicted terrorist Usman Khan, who had been released early from prison, killed two people.

porcus 7 months

REAL shame this wasn't a thing already.

Monolith stealer
Monolith stealer 7 months

Maybe execution....

Avi Khait
Avi Khait 7 months

Drop them at Guantanamo without a chute.

Stefan 7 months

khan is goinna do shit to his bretheren..

krm266 7 months

I think we should bring back the death penalty for them.

B. K.
B. K. 7 months

I wonder when America will start going after it's own terrorists, you know, the far right. And make things like those organizations labeled terrorists. Or Allow the FBI to track those associated with them terrorists. You know the ones committing the mass murders with weapons of war. No Wait... they want to go after the college kids that have loosely organized against Fascism, and call them Terrorists. Those against those against Fascism... are Fascists. But yes, I am glad the British are getting serious about penalties for terrorist acts. Maybe it will spur on action in the USA to tackle Steven Miller.

Robert Palmer
Robert Palmer 7 months

Why don’t they send them back to Pakistan along with all of their relatives? That way people would inform the gov’t when one of their cousins started talking about jihad rather than keeping quiet until they lash out violently

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