Sanders apologizes to Biden for supporter’s op-ed

Sanders apologizes to Biden for supporter’s op-ed

Sen. Sanders apologized to Joe Biden Sunday after an op-ed by a Sanders campaign surrogate accused Biden of corruption. Sanders said he regretted the message published by Zephyr Teachout. Zephyr Teachout does not hold an official role with the campaign but has endorsed Sanders. ’It is absolutely not my view that Joe is corrupt in any way. And I’m sorry that that op-ed appeared’, Sanders said.

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 3 months

Bernie Sanders is so spineless

not the 1%
not the 1% 3 months

Bragging that u got a prosecutor fired in a foreign country, by withholding aid money, and because he was investigating your son, is the VERY DEFINITION of corruption

Todd 3 months

Creepy Joe Biden IS corrupt. Consummate liar. Bulls#&t artist. Buffoon. Those are his good points. That's why the DNC loves him.

Biased comment
Biased comment 3 months

So he apologises when a part of his campaign says Biden is corrupt. But not when a part of his campaign says people should be put in gulags... hmm

CoLpOeSnED 3 months

Goddamit Sanders, take the gloves off already!

Fin 3 months

Ever sneaky...plays as dirty as those he point his finger at

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