Chinese theme park forces pig to bungee jump

Chinese theme park forces pig to bungee jump

There has been an outrage online after images and videos emerged from a Chinese theme park for having tied up and forced a pig to bungee jump from a 220-foot-plus platform as part of a publicity stunt. The 165-pound pig’s squeals can be heard as it bungees up and down with onlookers below heard cheering and laughing. The pig was transported to a slaughterhouse following the stunt.

Maesterfully 3 months

That is just sick

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 3 months

I'm no vegan , but this is just fucked up. People need to stop this kind of animal abuse.

little 3 months

stop abusing animals. Humans are truly self centered and sick in the head.

B. K.
B. K. 3 months

Humane is the act of empathy. Those without empathy then are less than human. They are the ones with no ability to listen to their inner voice telling them when something is wrong. They are the ones that don't understand dignity. They are the ones who need rules and to be nannied. Because they cannot be left alone or trusted. They lack empathy and decency They are the Dunning-Kruger crowd that smears lemon juice on their face and thinks that makes themselves invisible. They are the ones that have such inner hate they can look at that and want to lash out at those with empathy, calling them the weak ones. When the weak ones are those who do not stand up for those without a voice. They are disgusting people and show it to the world by what they say. So look at the picture again. Do you feel anger at others for thinking the opposite of all those things? Do you have empathy for that poor animal? If not... I feel utterly sad for you. And you should be utterly ashamed for who you are.

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