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Prototype of Xbox Series X leaked

Prototype of Xbox Series X leaked

Leaks of the prototype of the Xbox Series X have emerged on Twitter. The next-generation console by Microsoft allegedly features 12 teraflops of computing power. The device is also capable of 8k gaming or 120 Hz which is far above the current capabilities of other consoles.

Cole. 6 months

lemmy see them ports gurl 😩

Werli 6 months

i love the new "xbox product name placeholder"

Robert 6 months

>1010*2 Anno Domini >still doesn't have a display port The absolute STATE of consoles. SMH flimfamilam.

ConcealCarryProtect 6 months

No thanks. Never buying a console again. Done with pay-to-win and pay to play online garbage.

Chris 6 months

consoles just don't have the niche games like PC gaming

Bo Knows
Bo Knows 6 months

a dvi port would be fantastic.

NotACerealKiller 6 months

8k? Custom built PCs (cheaper than pre built) capable of running 8K @60fps already cost thousands. And you're telling me that you're giving us a proprietary, pre-built version of that, in a small form factor system, with appropriate cooling? Press (X) to doubt.

Dillon Wright
Dillon Wright 6 months

but do I still need AA batteries?

Phil Scott
Phil Scott 6 months

It's a PC in a box, no reason for any fuss. It's going to be nothing spectacular. At least they will be able to say they can do 1080p60 and not be taking sh1te this time. Still a hard pass though, I'm not paying anyone to use my own internet.

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