900-pound man seeks a ’heavyweight wife’

900-pound man seeks a ’heavyweight wife’

A 900-pound (408 kilograms) man, dubbed the ’Pakistani Hulk’, has said he is looking for a spouse who weighs at least 220 pounds (100 kgs) fearing he may crush them otherwise. Arbab Khizer Hayat, 27, says he has rejected 200-300 girls in the last seven years because of their weight. Hayat gorges on 10,000 calories a day, with breakfasts of 36 eggs, lunches and dinners with up to 7 pounds of meat.

(Un)Fortunate Son
(Un)Fortunate Son 1 months

Ladies and Gentlemen we found what killed the dinosaurs...

Seekster 1 months

How is it even possible for a human to weigh that much?

R D 1 months

He wants a wife to eat?

MrVairhein 1 months

36 eggs for breakfast and 7 pounds of meat for lunch AND dinner. dear god that could feed me for weeks

The Big Dawg
The Big Dawg 1 months

I do not believe this man has had 200 women begging to be with him in seven years. I'm fat, I weigh far less (was 400, down to 312 now), and I can't even find one woman interested.

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