21 Republican Attorneys General condemn impeachment trial

21 Republican Attorneys General condemn impeachment trial

21 State Attorneys General lashed out at the impeachment of President Trump in a letter to the Senate, calling the trial ’ruinous’ to the country. The attorney generals, all Republicans, sent the letter Wednesday asking the Senate to reject the Democrats’ arguments. ’This impeachment proceeding threatens all future elections and establishes a dangerous historical precedent,’ they said.

porcus 1 months

Good! You guys need to dominate the news with this information to counter the anti-Trump drivel.

Dipshit Don Sarcasm
Dipshit Don Sarcasm 1 months

Compared to the hundreds that have come out in support of his impeachment? Adorable. Trumpers take what little they can get it seems.

Jon 1 months

All Republican 😂😂 We d'n't need a letter telling Republicans are bootlicking, brown nosing sycophants 't's written in your DNA.

Fin 1 months

What threatens America is the total boycott of congressional oversight by executive branch.. Basically a full middle finger to article one powers in constitution.. I live in a republic principled in democracy that works by three sets of checks n balances not two.. This isn't an autocracy underpinned by theocracy

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