Trump calls Boeing a ’Big, Big Disappointment’

Trump calls Boeing a ’Big, Big Disappointment’

Speaking in Davos, President Trump on Wednesday criticized Boeing as a ’very disappointing company’ on account of the problems after the grounding of the 737 MAX plane. Trump, talking about Boeing, said it ’had a tremendous impact. You know, when you talk about growth, it’s so big that some people say it’s more than a half a point of GDP. So Boeing -- big, big disappointment to me’.

..... 1 months

No more 737max for gods sake

jh72826 1 months

trumps just trying to pass the blame for the slowing us to growth. from himself to another company that arguably doesn't produce to much of an economic impact. also, the Boeing 737 max has a poorly designed navigation system they should have fixed it before the Ethiopian airline planes crashed in March 2019. they should either ditch the planes or work out a plane to remodel them.

Scott in FLorida
Scott in FLorida 1 months

FAKE NEWS I watched all his addresses in Davos and he is bragging as usual no "fretting" was observed.

Indo 1 months

Ah we do remember him as prez n not toilet twit.

Fin 1 months

Translation.... Pay me some money n I will get u back up n running

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