UK researchers discover potential cure for most forms of cancer

UK researchers discover potential cure for most forms of cancer

A team of scientists from Cardiff University say they have ’accidentally’ discovered an immune cell that could kill many types of cancers. The discovery of the ’T-cells’ happened when they were analyzing blood from a bank in Wales.The team found the receptors on the T-cells were able to detect a wide range of cancers using a molecule called MR1. The findings have not been tested in patients, yet.

Biased comment
Biased comment 1 months

The problem is certain scientists tend to be overly optimistic. Then when the scientifically uneducated media get wind of it they further inflate the exaggeration. While both stories are good news we arnt likely to see anything for a decade or two at the soonest. Side note. They are also working on cancer vaccines. They are currently available for many kinds of cancers in the veterinary field for dogs. And have been used to good effect. Increasing median survival by 600% depending on the type of cancer. Still a while away from human use but most likely closer than these as I think they have started first round clinical studies, but not 100%.

Sammy 1 months

i will believe it when i see it... at 61 years.. the number of times ive heard this is unbelievable .

EpochPrime 1 months

Some of the biggest scientific breakthroughs where actually accidents. The discovery of penicillin is one of biggest that comes to mind. Hopefully this isn't: - an over optimistic outlook on the results. - the media's inability to read a study properly

Indo 1 months

Discoveries have become common these days. Its what we do with them that is if we do anything with them. Even hiding it away.

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