Trump impeachment trial moves into third day

Trump impeachment trial moves into third day

Thursday marks the third day of the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump. House impeachment managers are expected to continue to lay out their case. On Tuesday, House impeachment manager Adam Schiff in his opening statement said he believes ’an impartial juror’ will vote to remove President Trump from office after hearing the case against him.

BumperCar 3 months

Nobody cares

TheMadDane 3 months


Fin 3 months

Actually plenty are watching... The very ones who are the most dependable voters in the game... Retirees.. Poll em n see what they think.. They r pissed as info comes out... The many I talk with r not just no but hell no he isn't gonna get my vote this time.. Too corrupt

Jon 3 months

Get em Schiff!!!

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