DirecTV prepares for Satellite that May Explode

DirecTV prepares for Satellite that May Explode

According to DirecTV, the ’Spaceway-1’, a satellite built by Boeing and launched in 2005, has experienced some sort of damage in December 2019. It is assumed that the batteries may explode, causing wide damage to surrounding satellites, anytime in late February. DirecTV is taking preventative measures by moving it further out, so as to avoid any debris causing external damage.

Shane 3 months

Honestly, who still uses DirecTv? I completely lost trust in them when At&t merged with them. Like, why would I want to get their service now that the lying phone service provider has been caught explicitly putting out fake services and not even attempting to admit to their inconsistencies?

Steven 3 months

Why aren’t they redirecting it to hit the atmosphere!!!! WTF!!!!

Idiot Prole
Idiot Prole 3 months

Admittedly I haven't read all the sources but... If they have control over the satellite to be able to change orbit.... Deorbit it? Burn it up? Even if you screw it up and take out a neighbouring satellite in the process, it's less costly to the company than sending debris into potentially hundreds of space craft?

Dave 3 months

Oh great, this is what they've been talking about for years, it will set off a chain reaction as pieces fly off hitting other satellites that then send off more pieces. Destroying everything in orbit and leaving a massive dome of shrapnel too small and fast to catch, forever trapping us on Earth......and it was DirecTV that did it. Wow.

_tallman 3 months

can't wait for this lawsuit lol I used to work for them

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