Las Vegas replacing ’What happens here, stays here’ slogan

Las Vegas replacing ’What happens here, stays here’ slogan

Las Vegas is revising its ’What happens here, stays here’ slogan to ’What happens here, only happens here’. The city’s new catchphrase will be unveiled on Jan. 26 during the Grammy Awards.

Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 4 months

Not as catchy this is as disappointing as when staples got rid of there that was easy motto. If it isn't broken don't fix it.

Scorpio 4 months

That STD you picked up in Vegas will NOT stay there

Paris Cloud
Paris Cloud 4 months

this is dumb

riheg 4 months

Cancel culture strikes again

Sir_Kutz 4 months

Goes they don’t want people leaving all their goings ons laying around when they leave.

Lord Flasheart
Lord Flasheart 4 months

Just doesn't come out as smooth. Did Vegas really create the old one or did they just use it because its what everyone said?

_tallman 4 months

can we stop just arbitrarily tearing down every corner of "the system?" you cannot go through life without ever getting offended. deal with it.

B. K.
B. K. 4 months

much better slogan. no need to imply it being illegal or something one shouldn't tell others they did. a good time is better to imply.

Katharine 4 months

The Whole Year In😉 #Cox 😡

Matt 4 months

new slogan: what happens in Vegas shows in your accounts

Garthak 4 months

if we know about it, isn't it already unveiled?

Lickem 4 months

theyre right...the whole society is now denerate. it did not stay there at all

cledge fenrir
cledge fenrir 4 months

doesn't just say the same thing but slightly different wording?

Fin 4 months

The sign is being moved to be placed in front of mitch's office...

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