’Plague’ game downloads soar amid coronavirus outbreak

’Plague’ game downloads soar amid coronavirus outbreak

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, the game Plague Inc., a real-time strategy video game that tasks players with spreading a deadly pathogen, has seen a dramatic rise in sales. Launched by British games studio Ndemic Creations, the game became the top-selling app in China and is currently the most popular paid-for app on iPhones.

ICblades 1 months

it is a really fun game

Spartacus 1 months

Haha now everyone is going to move to Iceland

John Wilson
John Wilson 1 months

Doesn't Make You a Coronavirus Expert. but Doesn't not make you an expert.

Berserker 33
Berserker 33 1 months


Leo Miggel
Leo Miggel 1 months

I think the logic goes as follows: Read a paragraph on what coronavirus is, what it does and download the game to start a virus with similar capabilities in China (for obvious reasons), pray it doesn't reach your country. On the other hand, maybe the developers of the game started the outbreak in a twisted publicity stunt to bust their sales, as we know, Chinese people are just assets to their government and there's nobody in that country that regards any kind of living being as something valuable, everything and everyone is replaceable.

Louis S
Louis S 1 months

imb4 is turns out Ndemic studios engineered coronavirus

Guffypaws 1 months

Wonder if there will be increased sales for movies like "Contagion," and "Outbreak"? 🤔

Moogle Joestar
Moogle Joestar 1 months

lol. It's weird how the world works but if any news writers want to scream bloody outrage, they first have to explain how they are jumping left and right to get the freshest stories about the outbrake. In times of floods, fishers catch big hauls.

Sigfried 1 months

It's like they're playing it to see how humans are supposed to respond to an outbreak. Sad. All they're gonna get is basic stuff like hand washing up to closing ports and quarantine. You know, shit most governments and people know to do.

Petri Fide
Petri Fide 1 months

I enjoy playing this game on my tablet while sitting on a transpacific flight listening to all the coughing and sneezing on the plane.

Barry 1 months

bought this, played for about 30 minutes and ended all human life on Earth that fast. never played again

Mask de Plainview
Mask de Plainview 1 months

Thinking you're a disease expert from playing Plague Inc is like saying I'm a master dog breeder after playing Pokemon. People can be autistic sometimes...

TrumpBumperCar 1 months

I heard this as a joke from my IT friends. WHY should this be "news"?

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