Mothers who occupied vacant Oakland house will be allowed to buy it

Mothers who occupied vacant Oakland house will be allowed to buy it

A homeless mother, supported by the Mom4Housing group, who took over a vacant house in Oakland, California, and occupied it for two months has been allowed to purchase the property. The house had sat vacant for more than two years before it was purchased in July at a foreclosure auction by Wedgewood Properties. Wedgewood has been blamed for fueling the housing crisis that now grips the state.

Bravo 1 months

So they get to buy the house with money they exploited? Their entire movement is a sham. They squated in a property that didn't belong to them. When the owners told them to get out, they refused. The owners then offered to pay for their moving expenses and 2 months of housing. The Moms4Housing group still refused and then barricaded the house. They created a lot of undue drama and spun an inaccurate narrative to make a scene about police violence (which there was none) and went on further to turn the whole charade into a Black Lives Matter movement. It was never about being homeless. Their effort was a planned showing that wasted tax dollars and mislead thousands of people into giving them undeserved money.

Deadman 0_0
Deadman 0_0 1 months

So they squatted, refused to vacate, broke the law and they get rewarded? Idiotic.

Up 1 months

"Squatters" is the term you're looking for. And the problems in California are bc of the politicians. Two words... Democrat Supermajority.

Fin 1 months

They figured out a way.. Isn't that the American way... To figure it out n get it done... Oh wait it's not legit if it's not the white American way..

Based Haole
Based Haole 1 months

So to be people are fucking stupid

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