Sanders grabs lead in Iowa race: NYT poll

Sanders grabs lead in Iowa race: NYT poll

As per a a NYT/Siena College poll released Saturday, Sen. Sanders is leading other Democratic presidential candidates with 25% of the likely vote in Iowa. He is followed by Pete Buttigieg and Joe Biden, who received 18% and 17% support respectively. Sen.Elizabeth Warren has seen support drop to 15% from 22% in the October poll.

Jason 3 months

Maybe Warren and Clinton can call him a nazi next. That should help.

derpy 3 months

Bernie! Bernie!

kevin 3 months

God Ihope he gets it

Fin 3 months

Seriously how many in Iowa read the NY times with the idea it's anything more than a tabloid....

Joo Radley
Joo Radley 3 months

Bernie winning Iowa and trump's acquittal at the same time---the liberal elite meltdown is going to be legendary. rivers of melted snowflakes running down the gutters of silicon valley. get cancelled! HAH!

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