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White House team will begin its defense Saturday

White House team will begin its defense Saturday

President Trump’s defense team is set to present arguments for about two hours on Saturday in the impeachment trial. The team is expected to speak for only a couple hours before giving a more extensive presentation on Monday. Once the president’s team concludes its arguments, senators will have 16 hours to ask questions. That will be followed by a vote on whether to hear additional witnesses.

Stephen 6 months

I have get to see any "high crime" accusation. That coupled with the statement that "there can be an impeachment without a crime being committed" makes me think this was a power grab/ temper tantrum from the beginning.

Ayayron 6 months

How is this even a thing? Democrats have their head in the sand today.

Rocky 6 months

Well it is the truth. If it wasn't the Dems would have put up some evidence to the contrary, but we haven't seen that have we. Just a lot of going off at the mouth about how they were going to impeach him since before he was in office. What a bunch of transparent sore losers the Dems are.

Fin 6 months

Withholding information is the essence of tyranny . Controling the flow of information is the tool of a dictator. Bc

FirstCensorshipThenJail 6 months

Schift is going to jail. wait for it.

John 6 months

He did nothing wrong ok he must be on trial because our politicians have nothing better to do than waste our money on the false profit himself. I’ve seen and heard all I need to just by watching his circus clown antics on a daily basis

Fin 6 months

How strangely will a the tools of a tyrant pervert the meaning of plain words. Sam adams

Fin 6 months

A nation that can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a master and deserves one.. Alexander Hamilton

Fin 6 months

Absolutes are what dictator regimes speak in..

Shona 6 months

It’s got nothing to do with elephants or donkeys or possums or ptarmagins it’s do with right or wrong - end of.

Jon 6 months

Off to a terrible start lol. What a clown.

Scott in FLorida
Scott in FLorida 6 months

Are we going to get endless hours of leftist tears on you tube like when clinton got curb stomped in 2016? I have popcorn ready for the cooker.

Chase100 6 months

I think we have a ton of far right wingers here. To see them support the fall of democracy and be so partisan is disappointing. Not allowing any witnesses, no fair trial, etc. lol, they are just going to acquit like they acquitted Clinton, all swamp but what’s worst is the swamp got even more swampier with Trump. You guys are the modern day confederate traitors.

FactCheckerNeil 6 months

What a circus. Ukraine didn't find out about the block till September? Don't these lawyer's know they can be struck off the Bar for lying? They knew in early May...

Fin 6 months

They did a good job advocating y docs n witnesses are indeed needed to get to the truth.. Thanks Jay..

Talek 6 months

They're just baiting Godwin's Law.

Fin 6 months

Thank God for the common sense of George will...

tsylana 6 months

Drumpf is a dindu

CommanderVaasDC 6 months

Renee 6 months

they've had their mind made up all along. And they have no defense. they use the same gas lighting technique. to say that Trump did nothing wrong.

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