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Disney asks employees to complete ’privilege checklist’

Disney asks employees to complete ’privilege checklist’

According to leaked internal documents, Disney is teaching employees critical race theory through a new plan called ’Reimagine Tomorrow,’. The documents highlight that the killings of black Americans are ’part of a long history of systemic racism.’ Also recommended is a guide titled ’75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice’.

--D-- 0 months

I don't understand how this isn't racism... targeting a certain type of person based on the colour of their skin and assuming they are a part of the problem...

Erich 0 months

Plenty of other places to work. I hope there’s a mass exodus of employees. Vote with your feet.

a commoner
a commoner 0 months

How much would you like to bet that Disney doesn't lower their prices to allow poverty and lower middle class the chance to enjoy a vacation at one of their parks. Their packages run into the thousands for a week.

O'Brien 0 months

Don’t resist the communism Disney peons. Everything will just be easier if you stop resisting, consent and get it over with quickly. Just cry in the shower later.

nathan 0 months

Woke, virture-signaling (though virtueless in reality) old white and very rich Disney execs indoctrinating their crews of sweepers and ticket punchers on fairyland “white privilege”.

Felipe Segura
Felipe Segura 0 months

Well, Disney just lost half of their white actors/actresses for their theme parks. Anybody or company that pushes this just understand its racist and that makes one a POS.

E N..
E N.. 0 months

Careful Disney, remember that an easily upset minority of white folks believe that any discussion of racial inequality is an attack on being white and that any desire to address racism or racial inequality is the same as being a racist, somehow.

Collin 0 months

I find it funny how to only ones who push race is the left and they only want to say screw white people while claiming they cant be racist towards white people. Its racism

Matt 0 months

I sincerely hope Disney employees quit and do it fast. I also hope those that are and have been discriminated against at Disney sue the company for it's racist policies.

Brianna 0 months

Stop making it political to fit your biases ( either way). Disney execs have been morons for time immemorial. In the 80’s when opening Disneyland France, they issueddemands that no employee has beard nor moustache and other nonsense for female employees. French workers said a flat fook you, and that was that. Sheer exec stupidity, coming up with plain stupid ideas.

Cedivian 0 months

I'm interested in the business side of this, they didn't want it getting out, clearly, but what was the greater benefit they were taking the risk for? If I was faced with some test or homework, singling my skin colour out to recognize the privalage I already know I have, that would feel more dividing to me.

a commoner
a commoner 0 months

@good you mean the extreme left are gaining their power and are doing everything they can to destroy our country.

a commoner
a commoner 0 months

Why is equality racist? I just don't understand why believing opportunity is there for anyone that wants to reach and work for it (and my belief has been supported we had former president obama) is considered to be racist. When I ask for an explanation, all I get are snarky ignorant remarks and told I'm racist. I'm just not buying the bullsh*t that's being sold.

i<3America 0 months

Does anyone remember they made nazi propaganda. Stop buying their garage and going to their parks, they only care about $$$$. Social justice is far out of their minds.. I grew up owning every Disney movie and room full of merchandise. No more, bye fairytale tyrants.

Thomas 0 months

My liberal take: One problem we face as we try to deal with systemic racism is people equate this to racism at an individual level. Yes some people are literally racist or racially biased and that is a problem, but the biggest problem here that is being addressed are the continuing mechanisms and ideologies from 50-60 years ago that are still unconsciously being used (this doesn’t claim that you yourself are a racist). We know that black Americans make up almost 1/8th of the entire globes incarcerated citizens, while only making up 12% of America’s population. That’s the case TODAY. There must be something causing this phenomenon to happen. Chapel Hill did a study where they sent out two identical job applications to thousands of employers across the country. The only difference between the two applications was one had a black sounding name like Jamal and one was a white sounding name like John. There was a 50% gap. Every ten applications for John got a one call back while every 15 applications for Jamal got one call back. Now you either believe that black people are inferior and that is why OR there is something still lingering in our society from an awful history that many of us are still alive to remember happening. It’s not so crazy to think that a Jim Crow society hasn’t repaired itself in 60 years. If you made it this far in the comment, I’d like to leave you with an analogy. Imagine you are in a neighborhood and a house is on fire. Yes, all houses matter but we need to tend to the one that is burning, or perhaps we can say that the house burned in the past and now we need to be good neighbors and help them rebuild it. It’s easy to deny that the house was ever burned if you don’t take a look at it yourself.

coughdrop1989 0 months

Critical race theory in a nutshell. Two men enter a building at the same time one is black and one is white. Do you help the black first or last? Critical race theory teaches that even if you help him first because he is black it could blow back on you because you dont trust a black all alone in your store. If you treat him second then you are saying he is a second class citizen that can wait to be helped. Critical race theory is inherently bad and should be outlawed and known as the modern day Jim crow.

good4you 0 months

When there is a movement fighting racism, there will be a force opposes. The extremists are afraid of losing their power.

Tom 0 months

Do me a favour fuck off with this nonsense

Max 0 months

I mean, I'm not a huge fan of Disney as a corporation, but... what's the problem with this...? People realize critical race theory just teaches people about race relations, it doesn't like try to teach white people they have to constantly feel guilty or that they're automatically white supremacists. Just that white people obviously benefit from their skin color in this country, and black people have worse experiences with the government and law enforcement because of theirs. And it even implies that we should fix that

Patricia 0 months

It will be a great day to see that satanic empire crumble into a million little pieces. It is well on its way, finally!

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