China suspends wildlife animal trade over coronavirus outbreak

China suspends wildlife animal trade over coronavirus outbreak

China has banned the trade of wild animals nationwide to curb the spread of coronavirus. China has a huge market of wildlife animals who are consumed for food. The viral illness is believed to have emerged from wild animals in markets in Wuhan. The ban includes trade in wild animals – alive or dead – in markets, supermarkets, restaurants, and e-commerce platforms, as well as their transportation.

porcus 3 months

Temporary only, and rather pointless at preventing further spread of the coronavirus. Make this a permanent ban and China should be able to prevent the NEXT epidemic. But they won't because they [A] do not care, and [B] do not understand the origin of these epidemics.

Up 3 months

Maybe they should stop eating every animal that moves in places like China and Africa and they will stop having outbreaks of new diseases.

Max Maidment
Max Maidment 3 months

I smell a scapegoat. I honestly think it's more likely that China was designing a bio weapon and had it leaked by American intelligence within China to punish them for creating it, knowing they won't admit to creating the virus in the aftermath. They have been eating weird animals for millenia. This one is a totally new virus.

BumperCar 3 months

Well, finally.

..... 3 months


..... 3 months

Chins finally admit their food is shit

IIZard 3 months

And none of the "liberals" protested China's animal trafficking that day

Indo 3 months

Imagine them in decades from now with even more increasing populace fighting for more space. Scarier than holocaust

Fin 3 months

Go figure.. It first broke out in the fish market..

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