Covington Catholic school bus has fatal crash

Covington Catholic school bus has fatal crash

A charter bus carrying students from the Covington Catholic high school collided with a car on the AA Highway in Campbell County. The driver of the car died and two people on the bus were taken to the hospital for treatment.

Matthew 3 months

And this is news because it is the same school where those kids the media lied about go?

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 3 months

Times article is disgusting they refuse to acknowledge the slander thrown at the Covington kids, and still attempt to paint them as racist

RJ of Cthulhu
RJ of Cthulhu 3 months

I WANT A FULL REPORT! I smell sabotage and I want an unbiased reporting!

Roamer MGTOW
Roamer MGTOW 3 months

i smell globalism aytqcking its prey again.

Apache helicopter
Apache helicopter 3 months

so thankful the students are OK! I do hope it was not intentional on the part of the car driver..

CommanderVaasDC 3 months

why is there only one link.

Andrew Velasco
Andrew Velasco 3 months

I would like a bit more info on what happened. was it an accident? was the driver drunk or did he do it on purpose? I feel like there should be more info.

harbringer F
harbringer F 3 months

Did the driver know any Clinton 🤔

Barry 3 months

is Covington something like Westboro Baptist?

Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 3 months

Time probably thinks they deserve it. to; sick SoB's.

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