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Majority supports new  impeachment witnesses while partisan divide widens

Majority supports new impeachment witnesses while partisan divide widens

Polling by 538 found that while the majority of Americans continue to support new witnesses in the impeachment trial (59%), democrats holding this view have increased (74% from 65%) and republicans have decreased (41% from 48%.) Most (86%) believe that senators should be impartial jurors, while just 29% believe they will be. Senators have thus confirmed this skepticism by acting along party lines.

IvoryDove 9 months

Eileen.. Impeachment is an equivalent to an indictment. There's an old saying "You can indict a ham sandwich!" Getting the house to impeach was possible with hearsay, innuendo and intentionally taking things out of context. Getting the senate to convict begins with the question any prosecutor should ask "Is there even a remote chance of conviction?" If the answer is "no", then it's a kangaroo proceeding to go forward. If the house had damning evidence, they should have brought it foreward. The "obstruction" charge is DOA based on the fact that the House Intelligence Committee had not received a vote to authorize them to subpoena the White House. The "Quid Pro Quo" charge has been debunked based on the fact there was no quid, pro or quo. Trump asking for the Ukrainian government to investigate corruption related to Joe Biden's claim that he threatened to pull funding if they didn't fire the prosecutor investigating Burisma wasn't illegal or even inappropriate. Politicians aren't immune from investigation, especially when they admit to the crime in public.

porcus 9 months

What amuses me is that these bullshit subjective charges were the BEST that the Democrats could come up with after 3+ years. And it is just pathetically weak. No charges or evidence relating to emmollents violations. No charges related to election interference. No charges related to "Russian Collusion". No charges related to stupidity, Nazism, white supremacism, incitement to violence, etc. The ONLY charges are these two, highly subjective: "abuse of power", and "obstruction of justice". And neither one is going to get past an impartial Senate or public.

Rhokanth 9 months

I'm sure 90% of the people they call say "stop calling me". Not many people care about this stuff. And they shouldn't, this has just brought the worst out of everybody.

Paul N
Paul N 9 months

Let’s take out a president because we don’t like that he sounds like that mean guy in grade 11, but didn’t actually do anything wrong. All the while the left are the actual corrupt ones. Go figure.

Eileeñ 9 months

I wonder what difference is murder case with out any witnesses you can't handy cap the case like that Gop's should be confident of Trump innocence and having people testify shouldn't be a bad idea in fact is better, so how do they feel now with audio if Trump saying get rid of the ambassador, and him asking how long can an Ukraine hold of before Russia moves in to invade! look Trump crooked and e at hone around him is the same

Scott in FLorida
Scott in FLorida 9 months

Yeah and Joe Biden is polling at 98% chance of winning the next election LOL

Max Maidment
Max Maidment 9 months

Involving witnesses is certain to blow up in someone's face. I can't wait to see it. None of them really want witnesses, we should demand it. Get all the dirt out now.

CommanderVaasDC 9 months

Up 9 months

They want senators to act as impartial jurors? Because that's what the Democrats are doing? Give me a break.

James Smith
James Smith 9 months

someone forgot to ask me, don't waste anymore time, look at what the House presented and vote yay or nay

Michael Tatom
Michael Tatom 9 months

Leftist Democrats are actually strengthening Trumps chances at a landslide victory. There are no new witnesses that haven’t testified already. I’m beginning to think that TDS is a real thing.

Clint 9 months

I remember in 2012 I was arrested and accused of assaulting my employer several months prior to my arrest. at my hearings the prosecutor wanted to call witnesses who were there! thank God the judge said no witnesses! I swore to that judge those witnesses all would say I'm innocent! I even have video of my innocence. so the prosecutor asked me to provide these witnesses and the video. wtf is wrong with this prosecutor! I said I will absolutely not allow you to present any of my corroborating documents and witnesses!🤥🤥🤥🤥

IIZard 9 months

We only need Hunter Biden

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