Yang qualifies for February debate

Yang qualifies for February debate

Andrew Yang qualified for the February Democratic presidential debate after earning 5% in a CNN Poll conducted by the University of New Hampshire. Earlier, he had failed to make the cut for January’s Iowa debate. Yang is the seventh candidate to qualify for the debate.

Mister Manager
Mister Manager 1 months

He's too timid in the debates. Combine that with his dubious claims on how to pay for his UBI, and I don't see him lasting too much longer.

..... 1 months

This man is a commie Chinese agent and if you say otherwise then go ask him his stance on Hong Kong and taiwan!!!

Lover 1 months

Would have much preferred Tulsi.

Fin 1 months

U notice few rag on yang for also being filthy rich n doing what styer n Bloomberg do.... Mike Bennett hang in there

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