Dutch PM Rutte apologizes for country’s role in Holocaust

Dutch PM Rutte apologizes for country’s role in Holocaust

Dutch PM Mark Rutte has apologized on behalf of his country’s government for its failure to protect Jews during World War 2. The PM said he was sorry for his country’s role during the Holocaust and the lack of action against the persecution of Jews. It was the first such apology to be offered by a Dutch PM. About 102,000 of the six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust came from the Netherlands.

white cis male monster!
white cis male monster! 3 months

What on earth do the Dutch have to apologize for? They were occupied and brutalized by the Nazis for nearly the whole war. Sure some folks would have collaborated with their occupiers and were dealt with by their fellow countrymen when the Germans were beaten out of the Netherlands.

Up 3 months

Let's make sure every new generation apologizes for not defeating Hitler too.

tsylana 3 months

Dutch leading by example; Poland need to follow.

ann 3 months

and Israel has to apologize to Palestine. and the US has to apologize to Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Chile, Nicaragua, Jemen, Iraq, Somalia and the rest of us...

BumperCar 3 months

I they will demand apologies from the Poles...

Fin 3 months

Thank u

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