Microsoft issuing another update for Windows 7

Microsoft issuing another update for Windows 7

Microsoft will be issuing another update for the Windows 7 operating system, after its supposed last update introduced a wallpaper bug. Windows 7 officially fell out of support this month. The update which was initially only going to be available for organizations that purchased Windows 7 Extended Security Updates, will be available for everyone now.

Sullivas 3 months

Windows 7 will be immortal unless Microsoft actually makes a better OS that doesn't steal your credentials.

Dave 3 months

Make XP open source!

..... 3 months

Windows 7 should be the final version of Windows. Windows 10 is an abomination that I refuse to run outside of gaming (gfx drivers). I mean "shut down and update" with no option to just shut down?!? Built in spyware you CANT uninstall without a phd in cryptography. And don't get me started on the dumbed down settings like google does to make every obvious option obscured to try to make everyones desktop look and act exactly the same even if that way is poorly thought out!!!! At this point drivers aside mac os and linux are better albeit their file system isn't as intuitive. Windows wants 10 to be the final version ever like things will never get better?!?! Death to Microsoft !!!!!!

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