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Bottled water maker admits dumping arsenic in Californian water

Bottled water maker admits dumping arsenic in Californian water

Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring, a California bottled water maker, has pleaded guilty to illegally dumping water that contained arsenic. Parent company CG Roxane pleaded guilty to one count of unlawful storage of hazardous waste and one count of unlawful transportation of hazardous material. The company discharged the contaminated wastewater into a man-made pond at its Olancha facility for 15 years.

Nomad 7 months

A $5 million fine for an offense committed over 15 years A company with annual revenues estimated at $28 million ( Cool deal!

Michael Tatom
Michael Tatom 7 months

An actual human made the decision and he/she should serve time behind bars. Otherwise what’s the consequence?

Michael Mantion
Michael Mantion 7 months

in any other state this wouldn't be an issue. all water contains some arsenic. they back wash their sand filters into a onsite pond, which is normal. The water has arsenic in it, again normal. california freaked out demand the pound water be removed. they hired 2 companies to remove the water. one of the companies dumped water down a drain. california freaked out again claiming it was hazardous waste.... the lesson is MOVE OUT OF CALIFORNIA. fuck any company or person still in California. The deserve all the fines and government abuse they get.

Wholly 7 months

So why would the HAVE arsenic and why would they not want to get it as far from themselves and their products ASAP. And why has prosecution taken SEVEN YEARS?

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