Man who stopped Texas church shooting criticizes Bloomberg’s gun policy

Man who stopped Texas church shooting criticizes Bloomberg’s gun policy

Jack Wilson, who stopped a shooter during an attack at a church in Texas by opening fire and killing the gunman has criticized Bloomberg’s gun control policy. Wilson said that under Bloomberg’s plan, there would have been a ’more severe’ outcome as a result of the shooting. In response to Wilson’s comments, Bloomberg’s campaign said that the shooter would not have had a gun in the first place.

porcus 1 months

HaHa! Nice.

Fin 1 months

This a man ppl need to listen to n go learn from... He is a consummate professional n gun owner.. His action amazing... Once a cop always a cop n I bet you a great cop

Edward Williams
Edward Williams 1 months

Under Bloomberg's policies, the guy could have kept killing people until he ran out of ammo, whichever came first.

Tetranome 1 months

As we know gun laws will stop criminals because they are known to respect the rule of law... Wait, is that an oxymoron or am I the moron? Perhaps it's both!

Anticipated Prospects
Anticipated Prospects 1 months

Tell me when the country is so safe you DON’T need guns

anthony 1 months

His "stop and frisk" policy as mayor of NYC and his gun control advocacy as candidate in the Dem primary tells you all you need to know about who Bloomberg thinks should and shouldn't have power. And don't forget he changed term limits in NYC to give himself a third term.

Fin 1 months

Mr megabucks knows where the transplanted new Yorkers migrated to..

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