Ugandan climate activist cropped out of photo taken with her white peers

Ugandan climate activist cropped out of photo taken with her white peers

The Associated Press acknowledged it made a ’terrible mistake’ in cropping an African climate activist out of a photograph of activists at the World Economic Forum in Davos. ’Why did you remove me from the photo? I was part of the group!’, Ugandan climate activist Vanessa Nakate asked accusing the media of racism. AP initially explained the cropping was done for a close-up of Greta Thunberg.

Kym Charles
Kym Charles 3 months

She was cut out because she was the only one in the picture that was smiling. The rest are showing the cold hard stare of our future. Much more impactful.

Anticipated Prospects
Anticipated Prospects 3 months

How is that racist though? Just a simple mistake. Why do people assume malicious intent?

MachoMaam 3 months

So sick and tired of hearing about "racist" nontroversies.

Bobby John Ford (Bobby John Ford)
Bobby John Ford (Bobby John Ford) 3 months

Ap has always been the most "neutral" while having a hidden agenda. I've seen through their bs a long time ago. Any decision made will always have a pre concocted reason to cover their agenda. Hence you see their "reason" being a simple crop to focus on Greta (obviously a lie)

B. K.
B. K. 3 months

Eventhough it could have been racist, it could have been 'for the background' as the photographer said. Either way there was no reason to drop on one of the people that was part of the group that are supposed to be in the picture for any reason. That does show a lack of respect to think the BG is 'more important' than a participant. They all should have known she should have been in the picture and any reasoning beyond the stupid one of 'quick decision', 'background', and 'focus on Greta' does lean in a bad way towards a more sinister reason, or simply lack of respect for the leaders of tomorrow fighting for a cause they believe in. As for smiling, or lack there of. Do you know how hard it would be to be a teenager to go there and be facing off against world leaders that just talk out of both sides of their mouth and are irritated to be shown up by them? This isn't some holiday for them. This is fighting for a cause, they are serious. You should be mad at the world leaders shameful disgrace of double-talk and hand wringing while they eat caviar and smile as if nothing is wrong, swatting away children fighting for our planet.

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