NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly defends press freedom

NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly defends press freedom

NPR reporter Mary Kelly dismissed the idea that journalists interview top government officials to score ’political points’. Kelly’s comments come days after a run-in with Mike Pompeo. In an op-ed on Tuesday, Kelly wrote that being able to hold powerful people accountable is ’a privilege and responsibility’.

porcus 1 months

Do it. The government should not be using tax-payer monies to fund such an organization. Let it compete in the private industry on its own merits.

tim 1 months

Government should stop funding NPR and charity deduction Schools and tax credentials for dependence Amtrak and tax benefits for railroads and employers Life time benefits for government elected people

Fin 1 months

Unfunding them won't stop them... N in fact it proves their point about what they report on him

Jason 1 months

I stopped donating and listening to NPR the day after Trumps first state of the union. Turned it on in the am and listened to their coverage. It was fake news in rwal time

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