Dylann Roof: white supremacist appeals death penalty on mental health grounds

Dylann Roof: white supremacist appeals death penalty on mental health grounds

Dylann Roof appealed his convictions and death sentence in the 2015 massacre of nine black church members in South Carolina, arguing that he was suffering from schizophrenia and other psychological disorders when he represented himself at his capital trial. Roof’s appellate lawyers said Roof fired his lawyers during the trial to prevent evidence of his illness from being presented to the jury.

porcus 2 months

Is it just me or fo all of these mass shooters have terrible haircuts?

Monster Mash
Monster Mash 2 months

life long institutions need to be brought back, if you are to "mentally ill" to not know that Killing people in cold blood is wrong, you shouldn't be in the public. Even if that means a psychiatric hospital.

Paul C
Paul C 2 months

22-year-old ninth-grade dropout -- so question comes down to is he stupid or is he crazy. I'm going to go with stupid with a dollop of crazy. Not enough crazy that he can't stay in prison or better yet be put to death. Some people just are not going to be "rehabilitated. "

Sir_Kutz 2 months

I don’t care, mental health arguments only go so far. I can’t wait until you fry.

Fin 2 months

The goal be the jail martyr for those who applaud what he did.. N yeah there are those out there among us.... He desires Mathew hale status

IIZard 2 months

Well, anyone who hates this guy is clearly ablist

EnervatedSociety 2 months

Can’t we just feed him to some hungry rats or something?

Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd 2 months

I'm so tired of killers using the mental health excuse.... even if you have mental health problems you should still be put down.

Better dead than red
Better dead than red 2 months

Take your medicine, pussy

Dave 2 months

Not to sound callous, but the Wikipedia page on US deadliest mass shootings since 1949 only starts counting at 10. So he doesn't even make it into the top 26 worst massacres. Which is a sobering statistic for how bad it is in America, when killing 9 people doesn't make the list.

Star Alien
Star Alien 2 months

Dealing with shapiro syndrome

Rational ific
Rational ific 2 months

Did he ask any of his victims if they were mentally unsound before killing them? Is somehow killing mentally unsound people worse than killing "normal" people? If he didn't even think what he was doing was wrong... then why should we even keep him alive and risk more lunacy? At least a sane person can have a change of opinion. A crazy person could theoretically break out into another episode at any point, for no reason. Why should we give him "crazy privilege"?

🌀W_AS 2 months

If that’s true then he would have shown remorse at trial instead of defiance or is he now saying that racism, white nationalism and affiliation with naziesque organizations is a form of schizophrenia and mental illness?

Russell “BIG RUSS” Beaty
Russell “BIG RUSS” Beaty 2 months


Fin 2 months

Never answered.. How did he know what was and where the only door open to the church that night...

Earvin 2 months

Oh fucking well. Deuces.

thy 2 months

hang em from a tall tree with a short piece of rope.

christine hancock
christine hancock 2 months

Regardless of mental illness, he is never going to be free again. Would he prefer another 50 years behind bars in a sedated stupor? Is that truly preferable to death? To any rational person, that's certainly not living, by but I guess we are not talking about a rational person. I suppose the only argument to be made for extending his life beyond that which he deserves is because no human being with a heart deserves to be an executioner. But I'm not going to make an argument that mental illness is a good reason to keep a murdering psychopath alive.

Gabriel 2 months

Of course he is mentally ill. Nobody should be sentenced to death.

Craig 2 months

every white supremacist is mentally ill... non can empathize like normal healthy people.

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