Pelosi says Trump lawyers have ’disgraced’ themselves, suggests disbarment

Pelosi says Trump lawyers have ’disgraced’ themselves, suggests disbarment

Nancy Pelosi said that the lawyers defending President Trump have trampled on the Constitution when they said in the Senate that presidents cannot be impeached for actions designed to boost their reelections—if they believe that is in the best interest of the country. ’I don’t know how they can retain their lawyer status...,’ Pelosi asked. She was reacting to comments made by Alan Dershowitz.

Rocky 3 months

The title severely mischaracterizes dershowitz's comments. He said if a president is doing what he believes is in the best interest of the country while also potentially helping his re-election campaign that is not illegal or impeachable and that is absolutely correct as every president neigh every politician does this.

Seekster 3 months

Classic Pelosi Projection.

Deadman 0_0
Deadman 0_0 3 months

Ol' pochahontus just goes after everyone now.

Fin 3 months

It is the duty of any defense lawyer to provide their client the best defense possible n that's what they did... Whether you agree or not that is exactly was what they did.... Was it like bizzare theater yes.. A iam the state... Is dangerous precedent set.. Perhaps.. So take a look at what Lamar Alexander said.. Inspite of what left is TV spinning.. You proved one article.. The other also bizzare n sloppy...... N u need to remove Jerry nadler from the head of anything beyond cloak room supervisor.. Now.. N admit this should have been a censure n yes get over it.. N put proper checks in place both sides can agree with

TheMadDane 3 months


Fin 3 months

Apparently pat has step and slid in it....

Jaye 3 months

I love Nancy!

SnarkyMeanJean 3 months

Yes!!! Go, Nancy!!!

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