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Bloomberg campaign airs ’Dogs Fur Mike’ ad

Bloomberg campaign airs ’Dogs Fur Mike’ ad

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg aired a campaign ad touting his support among dogs in New York. The short ad featured a variety of pups with voice-overs praising Bloomberg’s prowess to create jobs and tackle gun control legislation. The ad comes just one day after a clip of him shaking a dog’s mouth went viral on social media.

TaxationIsRaep 7 months

Well, Bloomberg just lost the Asian vote.

Seekster 7 months

Dogs support Bloomberg because he eats shit and licks himself too.

.Tet. 7 months

Just when I thought his ads were pretty annoying, he goes and does this. Dude just release videos of you playing with your own dogs. Not random puppies to further your campaign. Man.. his team sucks at PR.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 7 months

He is spending so much money on ads that modern day 'Mad Men' are probably getting coked out of their minds trying to come up with ways to sell the tired old fart.

Sweet Meat
Sweet Meat 7 months

Dogs love smelling piles of excrement...sounds legit to me.

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