SpaceX to launch 60 more Starlink broadband satellites

SpaceX to launch 60 more Starlink broadband satellites

SpaceX is set to launch another batch of its Starlink broadband internet satellites on Wednesday. This comes after weather conditions shut down its previous two attempts. The mission will see yet another batch of 60 satellites join two prior groups already in orbit. SpaceX eventually hopes to launch many more (as many as 10,000) aimed at providing affordable, high-speed internet.

Seekster 1 months

Go SpaceX!

Individual > collective
Individual > collective 1 months

Internet service providing is a field that needs more competition, for that I wish you good luck

Judi Em
Judi Em 1 months

Are you guys nuts??? Do you ever look at the sky at night and ponder the beauty and immensity of he universe?! My God, astronomers and astro photographers already are finding their views spoiled with the few that are up there if their timing is unlucky. Look it up and see what they want their 'SkyNet' to be eventually! Not to mention that it will be a monopoly which will then have the ability to control who can do what. A WORLD monopoly. Think about that a little, and think about what big monopolies have done in the past. Think about cell phones with only 1 provider that you have to use if that helps you. This needs to be stopped. Save our sky for future generations. It's not a joke. Look for articles about it. Think past the online games!

Boudica 1 months

awesome...since they now belong to China

michael zubas
michael zubas 1 months


porcus 1 months

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