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Christchurch white supremacist, jailed over mosque shooting video, released

Christchurch white supremacist, jailed over mosque shooting video, released

A white supremacist from Christchurch was freed from prison following nine months behind bars for sharing the video of the terror attacks last year. Philip Arps, 45, has been released on conditions including GPS monitoring, not being allowed near where Muslims congregate, and no direct contact with the Muslim community.

Max Maidment
Max Maidment 8 months

The headlines give the idea a shooter was released. I wonder how many thousands of others committed the same crime but were not caught and punished? I saw the video. Does that make the person who showed me a criminal in New Zeastan? These lawmakers are so detached from reality its really no wonder how humans stoop to the likes of auschwitz guards and Bernie supporters. What's so hard to understand about individual sovereignty?

IvoryDove 8 months

So is he a "white supremist" or just a "guy who doesn't like Islam"? If the former, he's an idiot and likely not superior to very many people in any way. If the latter, he's right about Islam.

Tin Ego
Tin Ego 8 months

The New Zealand government are for the moment leftwing and resemble a student union way out of its depth making it up as they go along, the decrees made by the attention seeking Ardern after the shocking events in CHCH clearly demonstrated this. To be fair they would have been challenging to any government here.The jailing of this guy violated our own bill of rights but hey who cares as long as he’s a baddie

CommanderVaasDC 8 months

white supremacist? pardon?

Fin 8 months

Watch the film romper stomper n u may learn a little something about things over there

Brian 8 months

Jailed for been an ass, very scay precedent. Yet people who commit actual crime get pathetic sentencing handed down.

Fin 8 months

No doubt his fellow parishoners will toss him a big welcome home shindig... It's the new age Christian thing to do...

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