Boris Johnson looking for ’Canada style’ trade deal with EU post Brexit

Boris Johnson looking for ’Canada style’ trade deal with EU post Brexit

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is reportedly seeking a ’Canada style’ deal with the European Union post Brexit. Mr. Johnson is also allegedly willing to accept an ’off-the shelf’ offer made by Belgium. This would result in the UK enjoying almost tariff free trade with countries of the European Union.

Tom A
Tom A
Hannibal 1 months

Well Britain's most critical service sector is still finance and tariffs can't really touch that. Besides, the whole of the EU is on the verge of a recession anyway. The service sector will take a significant hit on either side of the channel once trade slows.

front sight aim
front sight aim 1 months

Canada style? meaning getting the low end of every deal, just by sheer incompetence? you better wise up Boris, you don't have a lot to offer from the get go, if you go into it with a limp hand like crying blackface does, you're going to get fisted by Merkel, macron and the other communists

B. K.
B. K. 1 months

Here is the history of CETA The European Parliament approved CETA on 15 February 2017 by 408 votes to 254, with 33 abstentions. Earlier, on 24 February 2017, the Committee on International Trade (INTA) had also voted in favour of CETA by 25 votes to 15, with 1 abstention.  The European Parliament adopted a resolution in 2011 on EU-Canada trade relations in which it set out its position on key chapters of the CETA negotiations, including investment disputes, the right to regulate, regulatory differences and agriculture. Dates Started talks 2007 EU Adopted a resolution 2011 Provisional implementation 2017 The deal is nowhere near the comprehensive one needed by England, so expect more member states to reject and slow the process down. yikes Good luck England in getting the EU to fast track anything either considering the 13 billion Euro hole you just blew in their budget. yikes Do expect a quick move to put an import Tariff on goods from the UK to the tine of... let's say 13 Billion. yikes Meanwhile you fall under WTO Rules, which by their nature protect EU markets heavily. yikes And You have to do this with basically every country on the Earth at the same time that you had a blanket agreement under the EU trade agreement. yikes. Have fun negotiating with them. we sure did! yikes. You should have that all done by 2027 if all goes well. yikes

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