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Researchers investigate origins of coronavirus

Researchers investigate origins of coronavirus

The coronavirus that first infected humans in Wuhan, China is thought to have originated in animals, though the specific animal has not been determined. There are suspicions that the transmission occurred in a ’wet market’ where live animals and meat are both sold. But investigators are now saying that the initial cases were not centered on a wet market.

porcus 9 months

These photos are largely from Hong Kong. Mainland China is FAAAR worse, like hard to believe worse.

ConcealCarryProtect 9 months

It came from me. I did it.

John W
John W 9 months

early study from shows the spread rate is very high, higher than SARs death rate similar.

Barry 9 months

Facebook already tells us where it comes from. they eat human embryos. #chineseeatanything

Fin 9 months

Starting to wonder if not originated in a lab

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