Apple’s lightning port to be killed by EU

Apple’s lightning port to be killed by EU

In a landslide 582-40 voting, the EU has voted in favor of a decision to create a charging solution which is standard for all phones and medium-sized mobile devices. The standard form of the charging adapter has still not been finalized but it is hoped that new guidelines will be in place by July this year.

Nick P.
Nick P. 1 months

More unnecessary laws to make the government bigger. Yuck

Jambon Supreme
Jambon Supreme 1 months

Forcing standards kills innovation. If somebody finds a more efficient design they would have no way to profit from it

..... 1 months

A little late eu but whatever.

_DearJ0hn 1 months

No, this is a retards move. Just wait it out! USB-C will become common and people will move over, if they don't it's because it's not time. This will just force manufacturers to use a subpar charger, until it's repealed.

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