WhatsApp to stop working on older phones

WhatsApp to stop working on older phones

WhatsApp will stop working on phones unable of updating to new versions of IOS or Android. Phones that will be affected are those with Android 2.3.7 and older, and iPhone iOS 8 or older. This was likely done for app security.

🌹 Equality ✊ Freedom
🌹 Equality ✊ Freedom
Dave 4 months

"This was likely done for app security" what a crock of shit.

Met Man
Met Man 4 months

having to keep the app compatible with older operating systems can prevent them from being able to implement new safety features. Also, if you still have android 2 then you probably don't even know how to use whatsapp as your phone is ancient.

Test Steam
Test Steam 4 months

People still use this whole preaching moot to use Facebook. I'm glad to be off both.

Dawlben 4 months

Remember these older operating systems may have security flaws native to them where newer ones are have had them patched.

anthony 4 months

Dave. Just curious. Why do you think they did it?

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