Fossilized remains of 330 million year old shark found in Kentucky cave

Fossilized remains of 330 million year old shark found in Kentucky cave

The remains of a huge, fossilized shark head were found in a cave in Kentucky at the Mammoth Cave National Park. The National Park is home to the world’s longest cave system. The shark fossil is believed to be nearly 330 million years old and researchers were surprised to find it in the cave.

ConcealCarryProtect 3 months

What is he doing there. Silly shark.

Anony 3 months


Marion 3 months

Sharknado's sister series, Sharkquake coming soon to theaters near you.

Chris 3 months

Just shows you what happens when you ignore climate change for too long. You get freggin sharks in your caves!!

Grand Ol Propaganda
Grand Ol Propaganda 3 months

That's Moscow Mitch's ancestry.....

bobby_5150 2 months

But is he here legally?

not the 1%
not the 1% 2 months

God put it there 5000 yrs ago to trick us

Natasha Gossman
Natasha Gossman 2 months

The ocean's beach used to be as far north as Southern Illinois. The town I went to college in has loads of oceanic fossils because that's where the ocean debris would wash up millions of years ago. I'm not surprised at all that a cave in KY would have ocean dwelling animal fossils.

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 2 months

I love when scientists make up numbers and call it science...

David Silverstone
David Silverstone 2 months

Except the carbon dating sucks and has no consistent results even by carbon daters standards. What a joke.

Julie 2 months

The Biblical Flood.

Fin 2 months

DNA shows its a relative of McConnell..

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