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40 state Attorney Generals plead with Facebook

40 state Attorney Generals plead with Facebook

Facebook’s plan to launch a version of Instagram targeting children 13 and under has come under scrutiny from state legislators as 40 state attorney generals have now written to Facebook requesting they scrap plans to launch the app. The AGs are citing the negative effects of social media on children & the risk of predators gaining access to personal information. Facebook has yet to respond.

Joe 1 months

Bad idea. Will lower the age bar even further for when you start having kids with problems about their self-image and shorten their attention span

Indo 1 months

Sorry u already been zuckered n u ain't gettin outta it. Ain't that how corporates work !?

Louis 1 months

They want to hook em while they young of course, mould them how they want them to make people even more focused on asinine garbage while their rights and opportunities are stripped from them. Disgusting.

Rena 1 months

Sending children to an 'Underage 13 Facebook' just for them, would be like sending them to a prison they might not get out of.

Brianna 1 months

Gosh he keeps looking more and more loke Data (Star Trek). 😂

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