Social media will monitor false information about coronavirus

Social media will monitor false information about coronavirus

Social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter and Tik Tok, are taking steps to address false information being spread about the coronavirus. The number of posts containing misinformation about coronavirus has soared including false accusations against a scientist. So far more than 250 people have died and it has spread to 22 countries. Facebook said it would use its existing fact-checkers.

IvoryDove 3 months

We are so fortunate to have tech support people making decisions about what we can see.

Rocky 3 months

I for one would like to take this opportunity to thank our tech overlords for protecting our feeble minds from having to discern the factual nature of information for us. We as a people are far too stupid to confront disinformation on our own. We require the benevolent leaders of tech to make all judgements on all subjects for us and shelter us from hearing what anyone has to say so that we might refute it on our own (as we are obviously incapable of making those distinctions on our own). /s Also coronovirus likely was unleashed on the public by the disease research facility on the outskirts of Wuhan. Bwahahahaha!

FirstCensorshipThenJail 3 months

The Chinese Communist Party arrested 8 doctors for discussing the virus. They were told to stop spreading false information and fear-mongering. The doctors were not wrong, only doing their job and in fact correct. central authorities' ministry of truth and correct thought; don't work. let the market place of ideas flourish the truth will always rise to the top. the solution is debate not censorship. This is beyond debate. It is fact. Censorship does not protect or save anybody. It is purely a political weapon that murders people on grand scales. Stop the censorship let the public debate take place.

Fin 3 months

Because twoface book has business to guard in China but it's OK to let misinfo freely flow about a US election...

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