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Costco, Walmart lead job pay hikes, perks to lure workers

Costco, Walmart lead job pay hikes, perks to lure workers

US unemployment rate unexpectedly rose to 6.1%, despite 266,000 new job addition. Economy continues to recover from the detrimental effects of COVID-19, plus Biden’s stimulative financial help. Companies work to get people back to work by offering more salary, bonus and more benefits. Walt Disney World raised minimum wage to $15 per hour. Costco’s hourly wage is $16. Target offers $18 per hour.

Rocky 0 months

The beginning of the horrible inflation. This is what your welfare state has brought us. We will all be reminiscing the days when we could afford gallons of gas and milk. We are already seeing the impact in several industries. This is a terrible development for those in the lower class in America.🤦🏽‍♂️

Phoenix 0 months

If you’re holding USD, it’s time to put it into crypto, before it devalues like crazy.

coughdrop1989 0 months

These companies are doing it from the kindness of their billionaire hearts and to get workers back it has nothing to do with the massive inflation wave that'll hit in a few years or the fact that this new administration is pushing for 15$ min wage. Move along sheeple nothing to see here.

Cem 0 months

Stimulating aid will help the US recover easily.

Felipe Segura
Felipe Segura 0 months

Why work when the government will pay you to do nothing but become reliant on those unemployed benefits? Hyperinflation here we go, thanks to all the lazy and incompetent people both in society and in government.

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