Talks over global digital tax are back on track, says OECD

Talks over global digital tax are back on track, says OECD

A group of 137 countries and jurisdictions have agreed in a meeting in Paris to move ahead with negotiations to address tax challenges of the digital economy, said OECD. The countries have agreed to negotiate on new rules for where tax should be paid and what share of profit should be taxed when big digital businesses do not have a physical presence in the market.

Paul C
Paul C 2 months

Global digital taxes are just tariffs by another name right? Calling them taxes actually seems worse though, as it makes me think of that whole "taxation without representation" thing.

🌹 Equality ✊ Freedom
🌹 Equality ✊ Freedom 2 months

Multi-national cooperations are not above the law and if I were selling tea in the EU I would be taxed... why not tax the Facebooks and Googles of the world equally.

Craig 2 months

Ha ha ha... more lock down of a free and open exchange of ideas... great. It will be so nice when all that's left is the Great and Powerful Oz... alone, cowering behind his curtain... while the cinder of the empty world smolders on.

Better dead than red
Better dead than red 2 months

MoSt LiBeRTaRIaN PreSiDeNt EvEr!

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