Bernie Sanders predicted to win Iowa caucus

Bernie Sanders predicted to win Iowa caucus

Majority of the polls in Iowa are predicting to Bernie Sanders as the favorite to win Iowa caucus and this has been serving as a key indicator of the national polls. That being said his lead is well within margin of error.

🌹 Equality ✊ Freedom
🌹 Equality ✊ Freedom
Cory Pritchard
Cory Pritchard 2 months

He clearly will. Just as the polls misrepresented Trumps appeal to typically non voters, the polls also misrepresent typical non voters support for Bernie, Tulsi, and Yang. All three will do remarkably well relative to current polling.

mantico 2 months

Like trump, Bernie is largely underrepresented. They both pull from the biggest party of people which are the non voters. It’s quite possible that he brings a lot of people out to vote for him and turn it around.

Randall 2 months

Go Bernie Sanders for President!

Paul C
Paul C 2 months

Some interesting words about Sanders and how he'd fare running against Trump in Scott Adams' video here: (that part is 25-30 minutes in)

your foxy friend
your foxy friend 2 months

Not a single one of these people seem like a good option for president

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