China reports bird flu outbreak near epicenter of coronavirus

China reports bird flu outbreak near epicenter of coronavirus

China has detected an outbreak of bird flu in Hunan, which shares its border with Hubei province, the epicenter of coronavirus. The illness, known as H5N1 virus, was first detected in a farm in the Shaoyang city Saturday and has killed 4,500 chickens. Authorities have further culled 17,828 poultry to contain its spread.The flu can be transmitted to humans, but no such case has been reported yet.

BumperCar 2 months

Would you guys STOP playing Plague Inc. :V

Aaron 2 months

Can we seriously isolate China again this place is becoming a living nightmare.

Jax Milovitch
Jax Milovitch 2 months

China do your cleaning plz

ConcealCarryProtect 2 months

Can you stop.

Deadly104 2 months

When it rains it pours.

Raymond M Hein Jr
Raymond M Hein Jr 2 months

it's more like there promoting fear until you see I would take it with a grain of salt but still be aware

stephen jefferies
stephen jefferies 2 months

China really needs to get a grip on this, to prevent further cross infections between humans and animals. One day we ain’t gonna be so lucky with the mortality rates being low. SARS was about 1 in 10, Carona at present is less, around 3 in 100. Imagine the devastation if those rates were the other way around.

christine hancock
christine hancock 2 months

Wow, China. First your swine herds are all but wiped out from disease, then you get a new variety of corona virus, now bird flu is back. Either you are recieving a sign from God, or you are more of a Third World nation than you wish to admit. Maybe both.

chris feil
chris feil 2 months

God be wilding on China

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 2 months

They say bad things happen in threes. Let’s wait two weeks and see if China can get a hat trick in fucking the world over with diseases.

OmegaDMM 2 months

Gotta love the fact H5N1 was the strain which caused alot of hysteria...was it 10 years ago now? maybe less. Either way such a double whammy has got me wanting to put my tin foil hat on.

Chicago 2 months

So, I’m thinking we don’t take any more flights from China for a while.

Sirax 2 months

those hong kong protesters must really be a pest now.

As Told By Anakin Skywalker
As Told By Anakin Skywalker 2 months

I thought the Chinese were supposed to be smart.

Lord Flasheart
Lord Flasheart 2 months

Even God hates China... too soon?

Herbie Goes Bananas
Herbie Goes Bananas 2 months

Making global markets go screwy again are we China?

As Told By Anakin Skywalker
As Told By Anakin Skywalker 2 months

weird how China is suddenly saying they have another virus outbreak. I mean so soon after the Coronavirus, and I mean it's like China doesn't lie or exagerate about anything, right?

Tiktator 2 months cant imagine why....

JerryBulletSponge 2 months

China can't catch a break can they?

michael zubas
michael zubas 2 months


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