Child rapist no longer deemed threat because of gender change

Child rapist no longer deemed threat because of gender change

Iowa attorney general’s office transferred a convicted child rapist to the Sioux City Residential Treatment Facility for transitional release on the grounds that a sex change lowered the offender’s testosterone level making the felon less likely to re-offend. Joseph Smith, 23, was convicted of molesting a fellow student in 2014 and is accused of molesting as many as 15 victims from ages one to 13.

🌹 Equality ✊ Freedom
🌹 Equality ✊ Freedom
Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 1 months

If we stay consistent with this standard I could murder somebody with my gun and later decide to sell all my firearms. This would then make me less likely to shoot someone and should put me on the path of being released into the public again...

Tin Ego
Tin Ego 1 months

But surely it’s the same person so what about justice?

Fin 1 months

Now that's full on crap... It's not about a gender.. It's about power n control... From the get go... The need to destroy n silence n child because of something in the mind of the child rapist to start with.... Has zero zero n zero to do with one's gender...

David 1 months


B. K.
B. K. 1 months

Firstly this is about the law. "Hicks said there was nothing the attorney general's office could do to keep Smith incarcerated after a state's expert issued an opinion that she did not present a high risk of re-offending. The expert opinion left the AG's office with no viable case to keep Smith incarcerated, Hicks said.  Smith was transferred to the state Residential Treatment Facility in downtown Sioux City on Jan. 11.   "Our residents can't just come and go," she said.  Hicks also stressed the public should not be concerned about Smith's eventual release; she will be under life-long supervision and registered as a sex offender. " So now instead of a 10 year prison sentance with a release of a higher chance of reoffending, she is going to be under life long supervision. Plus the fact the data suggests she will offend less than a male would. Additionally if she does not go through with the medical procedures the court can reverse the decision and not be released (ie bullshit change just for release) and is in a facility that: "Hansen stressed that residents of the facility are under fairly tight supervision, with some having to wear GPS monitors when they leave to go somewhere. " This allows for the procedure to take place, if it is bullshit, this person can be sent back to prison for the rest of the term. This seems like a Better solution than just in jail then release as the person was back into the population with a higher risk of offending. Now she is monitored for life. Which I totally agree with, and should be the case with all offenders, not just the female one in this case. Secondly given his history, why wasn't this person found out before? Oh right, he found a place to abuse children the Midwest Christian Services. So even as a minor he was not observed close enough to see the issues he had? No one noticed a 13 year old acting that way? I call some bullshit there at a minimum or negligence on their part and an investigation into the organization should be conducted. Anywhere that activity is conducted should be examined. Leaving minors alone with children is an issue to start with. This is a case of exemplifying purpose of prisons. Is it a penalty system or a rehabilitation system, or a combination of both? This solution seems to be a good solution should it go as planned. If it does not, sent her/him back to prison. This is fully laid out and they are not released yet. Patisioning for GPS tracking should be made, as he wasn't a model prisoner, and because of the extraneous nature of the case. Lastly everyone complains about media bias. If you think Iowa was just a random point of why this was picked, I call BS. As noted by comments, the left is to blame. This article has a hidden political value. Should they vote for Bernie there, the righ media has set it up to have reasons why 'the left' is so horrible. Don't be tricked by emotional content, critically think... Why is this story out now? What side is pushing the story? Are they pushing a narrative, like in this case? Always consider the source. Left or Right.

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