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Unemployed must take suitable job if offered, says Biden

Unemployed must take suitable job if offered, says Biden

President Biden said Monday that anyone collecting unemployment who gets offered a suitable job ’must take the job or lose their unemployment benefits.’ Biden said this as he outlined steps his administration is taking to spur hiring after disappointing job creation in April. Biden put the onus on employers who have accepted federal relief to offer good pay.

Rocky 1 months

Can we finally agree that welfare is a force for destruction of individual agency. Stop rewarding people for doing nothing or half the time we reward them for actively doing the wrong thing. It needs to stop. You don't raise someone out of poverty by paying them just enough to stay in it.🤦🏽‍♂️

Trevelyn 1 months

I did not want to stop working . You politicans made my employer lay me off . Now we can't get people to come to work .Even after they increased the pay scale . Basically you all F up the economy .

Garrett 1 months

No they need to raise the minimum wage and stop telling their citizens what to do. This is shameful.

J. S. Dietrich
J. S. Dietrich 1 months

Hey commies, "He who does not work, neither shall he eat". This applies to the poor too. Unless you have a legitimate reason to not get a job, you must be searching and accepting what's available. Society owes nothing to leeches.

Jon 1 months

Ah, yes, abruptly yanking the rug out from under your beneficiaries. Welcome to the problem with granting an authoritarian government total power over you, kiddies!

O'Brien 1 months

Easy for a guy who didn’t have to earn his job to say...

Louis 1 months

Maybe freezing the economy in the way that they did wasnt a good idea in the first place... at least after the first couple months once they figured out how to treat covid and it became a non issue for most people.

Jon 1 months

This is why the politicians were fighting so hard to not pass these unemployment benefits. The truth would come out that these people are insanely underpaid.

robert 1 months

Being a decent human being requires me to help those in need with what I can. If you do actual research, you will find that less than 2% of welfare recipients collect through fraudulent actions. God forbid you spare a few dimes from a check to help those in need.

Clayton 1 months

So far, this is the only thing he said that I agree with

Phoenix 1 months

Good luck with that.

Trevelyn 1 months

That's the problem they keeped handing out money . People keeped taking it and stoped working .

a commoner
a commoner 1 months

And people will listen and obey.

Jason 1 months

So would you Joe take a suitable job, say a mattress tester?

SD 1 months

What mechanism is in place to arbitrate disputes?

Steven 0 months

What a bunch of BS. We need a leader in the Presidency position. Bring back Trump!

John 1 months

Pass a $15 minimum wage that’s what a reasonable job offer would be

Rocket 1 months

QUID PRO JOE🤡💩 is such a PATHETIC PUPPET!!! Only 100 days into his FAKE presidency and OUR country is a total disaster!! QUID PRO JO& & The 'O' Gotta Go!!!

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