Streatham attacker ’convicted extremist’ was recently released from prison

Streatham attacker ’convicted extremist’ was recently released from prison

Sudesh Amman, whose attack on Streatham High Road left one person in a life-threatening condition, was under active police surveillance at the time of the attack. He had been freed after serving half of his sentence of more than three years for the possession and distribution of extremist material and had previously been noted by police as having a ’fascination with dying in the name of terrorism’

porcus 3 months

Peace Practisioner released too soon from prison. I thought Boris and the police were going to ensure that stopped happening?

NPC #2
NPC #2 3 months

A fascination with dying in the name of terrorism and he gets released after one and a half years? Oh Britain you have bigger problems than the EU.

Ben B.
Ben B. 3 months

But remember guys, diversity is strength... Or something like that...

bobby_5150 3 months

Well I guess this surveillance was an active enough.

Sir_Kutz 3 months

“Has a fascination about dying in the name of terrorism”, but give him early release on charges related to terrorism. This is why they can still claim victories.

Danny Mcgrath
Danny Mcgrath 3 months

'dying in the name of terrorism'? So terrorism is the new euphemism for Islam?

Dave 3 months

Ah Sudesh Amman, a classic British name.

Tin Ego
Tin Ego 3 months

The multicultural dream doesn’t seem to have been embraced by one of the groups that are supposed to be doing the enrichment. It’s almost as if they are entirely incapable of grasping the fundamentals of liberal democracies. I thought they were supposed to become freedom loving citizens that valued those western values as soon as their feet touched our soil. It couldn’t be that those politicians that opened the doors and invited them in were mistaken could it and the flight over wasn’t long enough to shed the medieval world view many seem to have arrived with? Maybe if the flight were longer?

Apache helicopter
Apache helicopter 3 months

clearly, incarceration and deportation somewhere offshore would be the best course of action in addition to being banned from reentry. we should create some agreements with Muslim countries to have them hold them (even if British nationals) or put them on an island, don't care much for the details.

John W
John W 3 months

is just me or does this guy smoke the ganja. maybe with some bath salts or something.

“blue8044” 3 months

just goes to show how absolutely USELESS UK Police are. smh

Fin 3 months

Y the hell are they being released early..

Sapper 3 months

Terrorists and Paedophiles should be given a choice- choose what colour of rope you want or embrace the world renowned marksmanship of the British infanteer.

Leo Miggel
Leo Miggel 3 months

He wasn't charged with attempted murder? only 3 years for radicalizing people that could potentially cause a mass killing? Ok, now I definitely think that incest has left its mark in the intellect of the British justice system, no pun intended, I mean it.

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