Race to decide election candidates begins with Iowa

Race to decide election candidates begins with Iowa

Voters are set to choose their preferred nominees for the White House race in Iowa on Monday. While the path appears clear for President Trump to be the Republican nominee, there are still 11 in the reckoning for the Democratic nomination. The primaries contest goes on until early June. For the Democrats, polls suggest Sen. Sanders has risen to be the favorite in Iowa.

Jus Saying
Jus Saying 4 months

Bernie supports are completely out of touch... good luck convincing the rest of America.

Kiaru 4 months

Let's do this Bernie!

Seekster 4 months

Bernie or Biden? Who will be the one to get stomped by Trump in November?

Kiaru 4 months

These silly attempts at reconciling months of the botched and self serving analysis of political writers and pundits are amusing. It is too late to make an argument against Sanders that isn't disingenuous, and to be honest most people never had an unselfish reason to be against him anyway.

Craig 4 months

This article is a shame and a sham. Only Bernie can beat Trump... Bernie is the last American Hero... after this primary is stolen (again)... the One Party lockdown will be complete. It is probably true that someone, like Bernie who cares for all of humanity... not just his pals... can't win... the game is already rigged against normal (read, loving, caring , just) Americans that believe in the rule of law and justice for all. The machine of unfetters capitalism wants so desperately to destroy the world and social Democrats merely want to... you know... save the planet and our human family. Bernie beats Trump by any measure in a free and open election... but this won't be a free and open American election will it?

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 4 months

Fun fact if the day: caucus (n.) "private meeting of party leaders or local voters," 1763, American English (New England), perhaps from an Algonquian word caucauasu "counselor, elder, adviser" in the dialect of Virginia, or from the Caucus Club of Boston, a 1760s social and political club whose name possibly derived from Modern Greek kaukos "drinking cup." Another old guess is caulker's (meeting) [Pickering, 1816], but OED and Century Dictionary find this dismissable.

Star Alien
Star Alien 4 months


IvoryDove 4 months

#1 Democrat chicanery and manipulation of the outcome? I'm kinda hoping Bernie gets cheated out of a victory. His radical fascist socialist followers will shred the democratic primary process if that happens.

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